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In 1951 by Eric Morley, the Miss World pageant is a worldwide beauty pageant originated in the state of United Kingdom. At present, Morley's wife, Julia Morley, is a co-chairman on the procession.

Miss World is the most broadly attended and transmitted of such events, with more than hundred delegates in contest (the contestant Miss Universe pageant, by comparison, welcomes about 80 delegates, although Miss Universe maintains unrivalled recognition or by their popularity in few parts of the world, remarkably in the state the Americas). The Final Miss World pageant is one of the most important world's greatest live yearly television event with worldwide viewing figures topping two billion across over 200 countries.

The winner spends a year traveling the worldwide representing the Miss World Organization in its various causes and for many reasons. By tradition, Miss World resides in London during her reign and uses it as her base for world travel or as tour. The present Miss World is Tatana Kucharova of the Czech Republic.

Winners of Miss World Gallery - 1951 - 1960

Winners of Miss World Gallery - 1961 - 1970

Winners of Miss World Gallery - 1971 - 1980

Winners of Miss World Gallery - 1981 - 1990

Winners of Miss World Gallery - 1991 - 2000

Winners of Miss World Gallery - 2001 - Till date

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