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Winners of Miss World Gallery - 1951 - 1960

In 1951 Kerstin "Kiki" Haakonson - SWEDEN

Kerstin Haakonson


The miss world for the year 1951 was Kiki Haakanson of Sweden. As a miss world winner, Kiki was awarded with a cheque of £1,000 and a pearl necklace. It was stated that Kiki Haakanson with bikini looks more delectable. She come up with a fame that she was first women who selected for first miss world competition.


In 1952 May Louise Flodin - SWEDEN
May Louise Flodin

The second miss world for the year 1952 was May Louise Flodin. Next to Kiki Haakanson, May Louise Flodin of Sweden becomes the second miss world. The title winning helped her to start a career as worldwide fashion model.


In 1953 Denise Perrier - FRANCE
Denise Perrier

Denise Perrier of France gets the title of third miss world 1953. Perrier competes with 14 other contestants and wins the title. Denise Perrier was born in the year 1935 and she was French model actress.


In 1954 Antigone Constanda - EGYPT
Antigone Constanda

Antigone constanda of Egypt wins the title miss world 1954. Before, when she was selected for miss world competition her profession was modeling. Antigone, the Egyptian beauty comes up with international beauty title.


In 1955 Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga - VENEZUELA
Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga

Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga of Venezuela wins the miss world title for the year 1955. Carmen worked as model in the native Venezuela and starred after winning of title in modeling and film world.


In 1956 Petra Susanna Schürmann - GERMANY
Petra Susanna Schürmann

The miss world 1956 was Petra Susanna of Germany. She was said to be oldest winner of miss world title. When she becomes miss world, her career turned up into modeling and local German television anchoring.


In 1957 Marita Lindahl - FINLAND
Marita Lindahl

A Finland woman, Marita Lindahl was selected as a miss world 1957. Eric Morley describes marita as haunting beauty and intrigue.


In 1958 Penelope Anne Coelen - SOUTH AFRICA
Penelope Anne Coelen

Penelope Anne coelen of South Africa wins the miss world title in the year 1958. She enjoys the title miss world and well succeeded in his carrier



In 1959 Corinne Rottschafer - NETHERLANDS
Corinne Rottschafer

The title of miss world 1959 was succeeded by Netherlands women, Corinne Rottchasfer.


In 1960 Norma Gladys Cappagli - ARGENTINA
Norma Gladys Cappagli

Norma Gladys Cappagli of Argentina wins the title miss world 1960. She was the top notch fashion model and one of the highest paid international models during the time.

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