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Coco Chanel

Age : 87
Country : France
Views : 14860

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Ian Abela

Age : 50
Country : France
Views : 7880
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do a lot of designers end up designing clothes with similar trends each season? Are they imitating someone or is it just instinct?
Who is Elie Tahari?
Who was Madame Gres?

Madame Gres was haute couture's sphinx, an austere and dignified person who dedicated her whole life to perfecting the art of draping and pleating vast amounts of cloth into a single gown. She defied the vulgarity of fashion and hated the glare of publicity. She was a genius who was admired by everyone in the fashion industry but died in obscurity and poverty.

In 1934, she opened her own house under the name of Alix Barton, and her gowns started to appear in fashion magazines under the name ALIX. She started experimenting with simple clothing, particularly jersey day dresses. Initially she was in partnership, and she decided to leave Alix, as the name belonged to someone else.

During the 30's, the Alix gowns were greatly admired. Her training in sculpture enabled her to capture the classical Greek style and timeless elegance in her evening gowns. Hers was an individual uncompromising style which seemed to have a liquid effect on the drapery and turned fashionable women into living statues.

Who is Arnold Scaasi?

Arnold Scaasi is the last of New York's custom designers. Others make clothes to order but Scassi designs an original couture collection twice a year which he presents to clients and the fashion press in the tradition of the great Parisian couture houses. More importantly, he is a true couturier in that he realises couture is not meant to dress everyone. He tempts and titillates wealthy women with all the luxurious materials available and in doing os is one of these people responsible for keeping all the artistry of high fashion alive. Even his name reflects his commitment to glamour - he reversed the spelling of the original Isaacs to capture the more exotic sound so in keeping with his clothes.