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Razor (Scooter)

Razor is a company based in Cerritos, California that is known for manufacturing kick scooters. It was founded in June 2000 by Carlton Calvin.

A Razor Scooter is made up of the following parts:

T-Bar Handlebar with foam grips

    Steering Column
    Quick-Release Clamp
    Allen Bolt Clamp
    Allen Bolt Axle Assembly
    Steering Assembly
    Front Wheel Fork
    Front Wheel
    Wheel Core (hub)
    Lock-and-fold mechanism
    Deck (where the feet are put)
    Grip Tape
    Friction Brake (person presses his/her foot on back wheel to slow down)

The Razor Scooter was a fad in 2000, when many people were buying them at the same time. Today, only a few kinds are avalible, and there is not as much public interest in them.

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