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Pogs is the name of a fad game that was popular from the early-to-mid-1990s. It got its name from POG, a brand of fruit juice (made from Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava); the caps of POG bottles were originally used to play the game. Pog originated in Hawaii around the 1930's, and was repopularized when a Canadian company, Canada Games, reintroduced them to the mainstream public in the mid 90's.

The classic game involves one player picking an amount of pogs (cardboard disks), and the other player matching this amount. All the pogs are stacked, and then one player throws a Slammer, which was basically a thicker, heavier version of a pog made from plastic or steel at the pogs with the goal of turning over as many as possible. Any that turn over go to the person that threw the slammer, and the rest are for the other person to try and flip over. It goes until all the pogs have been flipped, and then it starts again with the other person starting.

Pogs became so popular in the 1990's, that hundreds of types of Pogs were manufactured covering a wide array of toys, cartoons, movies, games, sports and people's images on the front of the Pogs. The popularity of the game spawned knockoffs, such as "Slammer Whammers." This was a similar game released under a different brand name. Today, the Pog fad has died down considerably, but Pogs can still be found in locations such as eBay.

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