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Nerf is a foam-plastic material used in childsafe toys.

Originally introduced in 1969 as an indoor-safe ball by Parker Brothers, it was an instant fad. Sales of the balls mounted to four million in the year of their inception.

Later, the range of Nerf products expanded to include mock weapons made out of nerf, such as Nerf-crossbows, Nerf-javelins, Nerf dart-guns, etc..

Now Nerf "modifications" exist, improving the design of the stock gun. Modifications (or "mods") often include forcibly removing "air restrictors", safety mechanisms that decrease the power of the gun. Adding rubber bands to a cocking hammer on spring-loaded guns is another common mod. Some modders will replace stock barrels with either PVC or brass tubing. A warning of "Do not modify darts or blaster" is posted on all nerf guns and boxes, so anything that happens to you, other people or the gun during or after modification is strictly your fault and not Nerf's. A few modders will even make their own guns often out of PVC and/or brass tubing, at least one modder has made an effective homemade gun out of a cheap knock-off nerf gun and PVC.

Stefan Mohr invented a type of homemade darts called Stefan Darts. They can be made using foam backer rod a.k.a. caulk saver, fishing wieghts and hot glue (also an insturment to make a hole in the back, such as a drill).

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