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Model (Person)

A model is a person who acts as a human prop for purposes of art, fashion, advertising, pornography, etc.

Modeling is distinguished from other types of public performance, such as an acting, dancing or mime artistry, although the boundary is probably not well defined. Appearing in a movie or a play is generally not considered to be modeling, irrespective of the nature of the role. But many models can also describe themselves as actors. Some models have acquired the status of sex symbol, and a highly paid model is sometimes known as a "supermodel.

." Supermodels are celebrities who may appear in advertisements endorsing products, and often parlay their fame into acting careers.

"Runway modeling.

," also known as "catwalk modeling," is displaying fashion, and is generally performed by "fashion models." "Glamour modeling" usually includes elements of nudity or eroticism, while "nude modeling" describes any kind of modeling that is performed without clothes. Art school modeling (usually figure drawing or sculpture) involves posing for students of art. Some models, including Dan Holmes, specialize in having a particular portion of their body photographed, usually for advertisement purposes; thus "leg models" advertise hosiery, "hand models" advertise nail polish or gloves, et cetera.

For notable models, see supermodel and glamour photography.

Some people who are better known for other accomplishments have also worked as professional models:

Courteney Cox - actress, best known for her role on Friends
Quentin Crisp - "gay icon"
Melinda Culea - actress, best known for playing Amy Allen on The A-Team
Ashton Kutcher - actor from That 70's Show, among others
Debbe Dunning - actress; one of the Tool Time girls on TV's Home Improvement
Simon Rex - on-time VJ for MTV, with Jasmin ; also did an adult video or two
Tricia Helfer - actress, best known for her role on Battlestar Galactica
Natasha Henstridge - actress, best known for her role on Species

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