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Cyberprep (a portmanteau word combining "cybernetics" and "preppie") is a term that refers to a sub-genre of science fiction or role-playing game campaign that reflects the flip side of cyberpunk.

cyberprep world assumes that all the technological advancements of cyberpunk speculation have taken place but life is happy rather than gritty and dangerous. Since society is leisure-driven, uploading is more of an art form or a medium of entertainment while advanced body modifications are used for sports and pleasure.

Alternatively, within a cyberpunk world, a typical cyberprep character can be a techno-utopian yuppie living a self-indulgent

life in a gated arcology available to a select few.

In the real world, a technosexual could be described either positively or negatively as a cyberprep.

Cyberprep fashion is clothing that combines aspects of haute couture with i-wear or even cyberware.

Cyberprep fashion is also a term used to refer to technosexual trends that reflect the flip side of cyberpunk fashion.

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