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Yvan Teulé

Yvan Teulé currently resides and works in Paris. Born in Biarritz on the south Atlantic French coast then growing up on the Mediterranean coast Yvan Teulé s theme is the beauty and sea side landscapes. By his vision of the woman beauty and sensuality he set out to recapture the memories of childhood. Yvan Teulé relives the past vicariously, photographing girls on the beach or delineating the intimacy of the woman body shape. He presents a thorough form of perception, one that recognizes the deepness as well as structural fascination of its subjects. Al Bernard Blow Up Magazine A dream of beauty, or the found again feminity, between glamour and nonchalance, of a rare sensuality and photographed in a soberness that let time for the charm to take effect, to free itself from the picture to be revealed to the eye and the heart, and move us, simply move us. Incubus Choice
A Picture taken by Yvan Teulé
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