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Gabriele Rigon

Italian photographer specialising in fine art nude, glamour photography and fashion. A photographer who treasures feminine beauty and express it in images with refined sensuality and elegance. Published in international magazines and books, also a source of inspiration for poets, sculptors and painters from around the world. Recently began producing nude calendars. Currently working on a book which illustrates his interpretation of the female body and his concept of the artistic nude. The female nude is, for me, natures finest form. I am so moved by the aesthetic form of the female body that I try to translate what I feel into images. Each time I depress the shutter, I freeze a womans beauty in time and create an eternal symbol of beauty. These days we are more accustomed to the dynamic images of film or television, where images are fleeting and furtive. Fine art photography provides an opportunity to recover classical values and give erotic work a noble dimension. Looking back to the time of the Ancient Greeks nothing has changed in the way we portray beautiful women.
A Picture taken by Gabriele Rigon
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