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Punk Fashion

Punk fashion is a fashion style largely associated with the punk movement during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It varies very widely from Vivienne Westwood styles to styles modelled on the bands The Exploited and Black Flag.

A classic punk fashion look might consist of: a pair of combat boots, Doctor Martens boots, old tattered converse shoes, tight jeans or tight leather pants worn with a ripped T-shirt and silver bracelets. Hair would often be trimmed with an electric shaver, and sprayed with Rave #4 hairspray. Other accoutrements worn by punks often included: bondage pants, ripped fishnets, spikes, tattoos, body piercing, and pants with leopard patterns. Also often worn would be leather motorcycle jackets with words, band names and symbols written on them with paint markers. It is also a common punk style to wear a jean jacket or vest adorned with band patches, holes, safety pins, writing, or any combination of the above. Other accessories included: studded jewelry and many safety pins (not only in clothes, but also as body piercings).

With the advent of the more politically-inclined hardcore punk style in the early and mid-80s, social and political slogans became common adornments. While this was not without precedent (NO-FUTURE, a vaguely political slogan from the song "God Save The Queen" by The Sex Pistols, was commonly seen on punk clothing in the mid and late-70s) the depth and detail of these slogans were not developed until the hardcore punk movement began to gain momentum.

What could be called "modern" punk fashion has been primarily influenced by Hardcore, Grunge, and to a lesser extent, Goth/Death rock. Today, different facets of the punk scene have different clothing habits. Skatepunks commonly have short hair, and wear baggy jeans, Dickies, unnecessarily long wallet chains, wife beaters, hooded sweatshirts, branded skate shoes, such as DC or Vans, studded belts and wrist band. Other punks wear leather, denim, spikes, chains, and combat boots. Their hair is typically dyed, and arranged into a mohawk, bihawk, trihawk, or simply a collection of spikes. Grungies or Grungers are commonly seen in denim, flannel (usually plaid), ripped jeans, long, undyed hair, and Doc Martens or other work boots or skate shoes. Please note that these three types listed here are not all of them, and that most punks do not limit themselves in this way. These are meant to be "pure" examples. Most punks combine aspects of these rather then simply conforming, which is, in itself, something that punks are against.

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